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macOS Catalina edition

Anti Inline plugin for macOS Catalina 10.15.4 can be downloaded here

Purchase a new license here

Apple fights us but we fight back.

When you download the plugin, quit Mail app and open the dmg file, please follow one of these two install guides:

Automatic installation - recommened / actually semi-automatic :)

Manual installation  - if automatic fails

Apple changed a lot of Mail internals, I have a good feeling about the ability to re-introduce the secondary plugin function - disable attachment auto preview when reading emails. Tests are looking good so far. Stay tuned!

Don't forget,
If you want to leave your signature images inlined please rename images you use in signatures to contain "email-signature" text. Some examples:



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macOS Mojave edition

macOS Mojave 10.14 anti inline plugin update can be downloaded here

Notice: This version requires a purchase of a new license. We use the funds to keep up with macOS changes.

Purchase a new license here

We simplified the installation. Now it is in a DMG form with simple install/unistall commands.

We pushed this ASAP as a result of so many requests but we are also working on some new features soon to be released.

Thank you!

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Mojave update soon

Stay tuned.

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