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OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 update

Hello all,

Apple released yet another OS X El Capitan update.

All of you who updated or plan to update please update to new CG Anti Inline plugin version.

It is just a plugin compatibility update so you can keep disabling inline attachments.

Download from the plugin page.

Thank you, and as usual - if you need anything just send me an email.

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OS X El Capitan Mail - Disable inline attachments

So, we got ourselves an update. Download from plugin page.

The anti inline plugin now has a preference pane, update notification and other additions such as:

Legacy mode

When this is turned on the plugin operates the way it used to when it was free. In short, everything turns to attachments, no support to leave signatures inlined.

Display signatures inlined

When composing you see your signature images inlined and not as icons. Regardless of this setting your recipients get signatures inlined. 

Multiple signature images

You can now have multiple images in your signature, for example icons for facebook, twitter, web, etc. All you have to do is rename images you use in signatures to contain "email-signature" text. Some examples:

  • my-email-signature.png
  • email-signature-fb.png
  • email-signature-business.jpg
  • office-email-siganture.jpg

Situation with disappearing attachments that occured in some cases is resolved.

On what will the development focus be next, you ask?

Single task: disabling Mail app auto preview feature / when we receive attachments (or browse our sent email) we don't want them to auto preview.

So stay tuned! And thank you all for awesome support and feedback!

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OS X El Capitan - Mail Anti Inline Plugin

Hi all,

(go to plugin page)

As we all live in a fast paced world, I'll keep it brief:

  • The plugin is no longer free / it took a lot of work
    (all who donated get a license for free, just drop me an email
  • The plugin now leaves signatures inlined
  • Issue with Office 365 and Exchange recipients is now resolved
  • Gmail now shows attachment icon for your emails with attachments
  • Weird att.000 files are no longer manifesting

The plugin's main purpose is to disable inlined images for your recipients that are using other email software (Windows Mail / Outlook / Gmail / Thunderbird / ...).

Note: This plugin does not prevent annoying Mail app "auto preview" feature (yet)

Grab your copy, try it out and if it suits your needs, please purchase a license.

If it doesn't fit your needs, let me know what troubles you so we can fix it!

Thank you again for a massive feedback and support.

Open plugin page

Got questions? Requests? I'm here.

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