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MacOS Mail Anti Inline Plugin

The plugin solves situations with awkwardly inlined images when sending images to anyone who is not using Mail App. If you want your images to appear as attachments to your recipients then this plugin is for you. It also prevents Mail auto-preview feature and display attachments as icons by default. It does something similar to what Attachment Tamer used to do.

High Sierra plugin download: macOS High Sierra Anti Inline Plugin 

Sierra plugin download: macOS Sierra Anti Inline Plugin 

El Capitan (and previous) plugin download: OS X Mail Anti Inline Plugin 


What the plugin does:

  • the plugin's main purpose is to disable inlined images for your recipients that are using other email software (Windows Mail / Outlook / Gmail / Thunderbird / ...)
  • it leaves signatures inlined

What the plugin also does:

  • view attachments as icons / it prevents annoying Mail app "auto preview" feature


  • Download plugin for Sierra or for El Capitan and previous
  • Run package installer
    (if you get the "can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer" message,
    just right click package file and select "open")
  • Follow a few install steps and that's it!

Purchase a license

If the plugin suits your needs, please purchase a license. 
If it doesn't fit your needs, let me know what troubles you so we can fix it!

Click below to purcehse High Sierra license:

Click below to purcahse pre High Sierra (Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, ...) license:



The plugin puts a menu item in the "Mail" menu.

  • when the check mark is present the plugin is enabled
  • when the check mark is not present the plugin is disabled
  • clicking the item toggles the state

There is also a preference pane with some options (Mail -> Preferences -> Anti Inline).


If you want to leave your signature images inlined please rename images you use in signatures to contain "email-signature" text. Some examples:

  • my-email-signature.png
  • email-signature-fb.png
  • email-signature-business.jpg
  • office-email-signature.jpg


1. go to ~/Library/Mail/Bundles/ (mind the tilde sign ~)
2. delete CG's Anti Inline.mailbundle

(You can use Finder -> Go -> Go To Folder and paste the path there)

Want to know more? Please read the original post or drop me note!